Lodge Room

Newdegate Lodge 5102 is proud of its history and rich traditions.

Newdegate Lodge 5102 was consecrated on Thursday 25th April 1929 at St Georges Hall Nuneaton, The Consecration meeting was held at St Georges Hall Nuneaton to accommodate all the Brethren attending, 120 in total.
All subsequent meetings have been held at the Masonic Rooms , 12 Newdegate Place, Nuneaton
The Consecration ceremony was carried out by The Right Worship Brother W.F.Wyley V.D.,D.L., P.G.D. England,Provincial Grand Master. Assisted by Worshipful Brother Brigadier-General M. Quayle-Jones C.B., C.M.G., C.B.E., D.L., P.G.D. England, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. And Worshipful Brother J.S. Pritchett B.C.L., P.G.D.Assistant Provincial Grand Master
24 Founders of which 23 were present, the Consecration meeting which was attended by a total of 120 brethren.
The lodge was sponsored by Abbey Lodge 432
1931 The Lodge of Instruction was formed
1939-1945 The war years the lodge held their Meetings through these difficult years, the meetings, were held at 3pm, a portion of the Masonic rooms were taken over by troops for sleeping, no meals could be arranged, therefor a snack lunch was held at the Bull Hotel Nuneaton at 1.30pm followed by the lodge meeting at 3pm
1979 The 50th Anniversary Meeting was held attended by the Provincial Grand Master
1987 Newdegate Lodge sponsored a the Formation of a New Lodge in Nuneaton “The George Eliot Lodge” Many of the founders were from Newdegate Lodge
The founder members of Newdegate Lodge 5102 were
W.Bro C.Mayer PPGD. W.Bro W.W.Day PPGSB. W.Bro M.C.B.Slingsby.
W.Bro H.Argyle PPADC. W.Bro C.M.Ayres Prov SGD. W.Bro W. Coles.
W.Bro.F.E.Boswell. W.Bro. W.H.Lester. W.Bro W. Caven Jones.
W.Bro C.B.Baker. W.Bro. C.Blakeway. W.Bro. H.Fankland.
W.Bro C.Beck. W.Bro W.Perkins. W.Bro W.Ashworth.
Bro. H.W.Salsbury. Bro G.S.Hardy. Bro W.Matthews.
Bro A.A.Wood. Bro W.Croshaw. Bro J.Dix.
Bro P.G.Horsburgh Bro H.Letchford. Bro G.H.Taylor.